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Discover you new favourite artist now! 

Discover Live

'Discover Live' is a new music showcase hosted, curated and organised by Jodie. Each night exposes new artists to each other's fanbases a well as each other + is a really fun evening for everyone involved! 

Artists who have performed and gone on to enjoy BBC Radio 1 and BBC introducing support include Jess Spink, Cassa Jackson, Flo Gallop, PELA, Matt Taylor, Joey Knight and Darla Jade. 

If you think you / your band would be perfect for a Discover Live then please fill in the online form on Linktree. 

Hit follow on the links below for all the latest Discover Live news.

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’Jodie Bryant’s Discover Monthly showcase is an absolutely must see event, Curated with a deep and wide knowledge of all genres. Jodie is a huge supporter of young British talent across all genres and this regular event gives the artists the crucial platform to perform live not only to the regular fanbase that attend but the all important industry scouts. As a manager that nurtures young talent the opportunity that Jodie offers is priceless. Always of a very high standard and put together with a love and deep knowledge of music I cannot recommend the events highly enough_. ‘“Jeff Powell Big Hug Management.

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